English vocab: Café edition

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Hey there! 안녕! Salaam! سلام ! 安宁!  Привет! Oi! Сайн yy! Merhaba! こんにちは!

In this lesson, we will learn words and scenarios related to coffee shops.

이번 수업에서 카페에 대해 단어와 시나리오를 공부할게. 다 영어로 쓸건데 어떤 단어 모르면 영/영 사전만 사용하라.


1- Use an English dictionary to translate words (like Cambridge dictionary).

2- If you have questions, ask.


Part one: words:

  1. 머그장 mug, 일회용컵 paper cup
  2. 진하게 strong/thick 연하게 weak/mild
  3. 저지방 Low-fat 무지방 Skim/Skimmed
  4. 우유 milk 두유 soy milk
  5. 현금 cash 신용 카드 credit card

You know the items’ names in English from the menu. So instead, we’ll focus on the actions 메뉴에서 제품을 영어로 공부할 수 있잖아요. 그래서 대신 동사(행동) 를 초점 맞을게. Also, you can find several vocabulary online, like here.

Part two: Phrases

What a customer may say:

  1. Adding 추가:
    • Please add more ice.
    • I want Americano with medium sugar, please.
    • I want Americano, double shot. = with extra shot.
    • I’d like to have waffles with extra maple syrup please. (I’d like to have = I want)
    •  I’ll have ice Americano, with just a little ice please. (I’ll have = I want)
    • Can I get an extra fork please? (Can I get = I want)
    • May I have a wet tissue please? (May I have = I want) (wet tissue = 물티슈)
  2. Removing 제거:
    • Can I get English muffin please? And take off the ham.
    • I’ll have Mocha Frappuccino, without whipped cream.
    • Please don’t add red beans to the Bingso.
    • I’d like to have Caramel latte but not too sweet please. (not too… = not very…)
  3. Asking / inquiring 문의:
    • What kind of coffee do you have?
    • Where is the toilets? (toilets = bathroom = washroom)
    • Is there a free table? (free = available)
  4. Complaining ㅜㅜ
    • The food is cold. ( = the food is rather cold)
    • This is not what I ordered. ><
    • It’s too salty.
    • The latte is full of syrup. = This latte is too sweet.
      • 답장: I’m sorry, I’ll make another one. = Sorry, I’ll replace it for you.

What a barista may say:

  1. First sentence:
    • What do you like to have today?
    • May I take your order?
    • What’s your order please?
  2. And then:
    • hot or ice?
    • For here? — or: for here or to go? — or: for here or take-out?
  3. Size
    • What size do you like?
    • Regular size? [or: Tall size?] (Short = Small, Tall = Medium, Grande = Large, Venti = Extra large) [originally, “Venti” in Italian means “twenty”, meaning 20 ounces or 567 grams].
  4. Extras:
    • with (whipped cream)?
  5. Asking 부탁:
    • 영수증 드릴까요? Do you want the receipt?
    • Would you like to have a stamp card?  (Would you like to have = Do you want)
    • Please check if there’s a free table first.
    • For sugar, it’s self-service right there. (right there = 저기서) (self-service = 셀프)
      • Or: condiments are self-service. (condiments = ketchup, mayo, salt….etc)
    • Sorry, no food outside the shop is allowed.

Tip: Try to remember the words and phrases by drawing a sketch.




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