English vocab: Rules + Week 1-1

Hey there! 안녕! Salam! سلام ! 安宁!  Привет! Oi! Сайн yy! こんにちは!

This quiz is given to my friends in different companies.I send the link on Saturday, and conduct the quiz during lunch break at any day during the week.

You can join us if you live in Seoul. Also, feel free to share the link with your friends, and I will send you the quiz by email. Why am I doing this? Because I love knowledge, and I want you to learn. Do your best! 화이팅!

______________ Rules: ______________ 

  • Every week, I will send you a webpage link which contains new words to study for that week. On Tuesday, we will have a quiz on all the words that we have studied.

매 주에 웹페이지 링크 보낼 거예요. 그 페이지 단어 있는데요. 화요일에, 모든 이전 단어 퀴즈에 있을 거예요.

  • We will have a quiz once a week (one time every week).

영어 시험을 매주에 1번 봐요.

  • If one person can’t take the exam, others still must take it.

한 사람 시험을 못 보면, 다른 사람들 봐야 해요.

  • This is a vocabulary lesson only; If you have a question, search online. If you can’t find an answer, ask me.

이 수업은 단어만 해요. 질문 있으면 인터넷으로 찾으세요. 대답을 못 찾으면 저에게 물어보세요.

  • If the word is a verb, I will write the present (V1), past (V2) and past participle (V3) forms. Please note that American English is sometimes different from the British English in writing the past form. We will use the American English.
  • If any one scores < 7/10 (less than 7 out of 10) in 2 consecutive weeks, the English lessons will stop. Therefore, study hard together.

1 주에 >7/10 점 두 번 받으면, 우리 영어 수업이 끝날 거에요. 그러니까, 열심히 친구랑 공부하세요.

  • If you score 10/10 3 consecutive times, I will give you a gift.

10/10점 세 번 받으면 선물을 줄 거예요. ^^ Every quiz will ask you for a synonym (similar word) and an example for each word. For example:

Word: Synonym Synonym: Similar word Example: The synonym for resting is relaxing.

After every quiz, I will ask you to pronounce the words (You can find the audio file link below). 발음 시험 또 있으니까 오디오 파일 들으세요 (링크 아래 있는데요). — 제 한국어 잘 못하니까 미안해요 ^^;;

______________ Sample quiz: ______________  Question color. Answer color.

Please write a synonym and an example for each one of the words below:

Word: Correct

Synonym: right. error-free, not false.

Example: I hope I can answer correctly.

Word: Blind

Synonym: Can’t see.

Example: Love is blind.

Word: Fluency / Fluent

Synonym: The ability to use a language easily and accurately.

Example: I am fluent in Portuguese language.


& now, 시~작!

______________ Week 1-1 vocabulary: ______________ 

Audio file: http://j.mp/suhail_q1 (Note: I said by mistake “This beautiful tree have“; I should have said “has“).


1- Abundance/Abundant: A very large quantity of something.

Example: This beautiful tree has abundant branches.

2- Fluency (+ly): Using a language easily and accurately.

Example: I am fluent in Arabic language. You are fluent in Korean language.

3- Frequent (+ly): Doing something many times.

Example: I visit this coffee shop frequently.

4- Rare (+ly): A very few quantity of something OR Doing something very few times.

Example: 1) Tolerance is rare these days. 2) I rarely drink mango juice.

5- Regular (+ly): Doing something routinely.

Example: I regularly brush my teeth.

6- Quit: To stop doing something. (V1 & V2 & V3: Quit ).

Example: I quit my job. (Present & Past: Quit).

7- Accuracy/Accurate: Doing something precisely in an excellent manner.

Example: Weather forecast is accurate most of the times.

8- Obtain: To possess. To own something. (V1: Obtain. V2 & V3: Obtained).

Example: Please obtain your ID card from the office.

9- Abandon: To leave something/someone (used negatively); (V1: Abandon. V2 & V3: Abandoned).

Example: 1) This child is alone, he was abandoned by his parents. 2) The passengers had to abandon the sinking ship.

10-Anticipate: To expect. (V1: Anticipate. V2 & V3: Anticipated).

Example: Doctors anticipated the occurrence of lung cancer for smokers.



Q: What is V1 & V2 & V3?

A: V from Verb 동사. V1 = Present tense. V2 = Past tense. V3 = Past participle. 

I want your feedback on whether the words are very hard or very easy for you. Have a great day!


3 thoughts on “English vocab: Rules + Week 1-1

  1. Hi.
    I start this quiz today.
    But, it’s hard to study this words that the audio file link is wrong(maybe?).
    I want to study, please send me audio file to e-mail.
    I hope you have a good day! thanks:)

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