I “relocated” from to this nice place, and I remembered my chat with a friend of mine who wanna “relocate”  to.. Japan! yeah! Simply he’s watching ‘anime‘ & ‘manga‘ all the time, and now thinks Japan is all kewl stuff and holy people!

I got infected a bit (I’ll talk later about dat later!), but I’m talking here about the possibility of moving to another place (i.e. country) and live there for the whole life like a normal citizen… NORMAL ONE! Can people accept you and your family (later) and kids…grandkids normally? I’m not talking necessarily about racism, but the normal acceptance as is.. and then socializing and so on.. The other thing is about loyalty, will you have the instinct love to your homeland to the new country you moved to? Your kids won’t have such troubles if the were born and raised in the new place, but you..? if your childhood really sucks and don’t wanna see it repeated, then you may consider ‘relocation’!

A common thing among Relocaters  is.. they all have exciting stories!


For questions..

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