Hello world!

Salam! this “Hello World” is the usual phrase we print in our first programming class. I began with Java, and tried Python. The latter is recommended in case you care.

This blog is for me << really?! <<yeah! really! 😡 & Since I’m a guy, from Mars, I don’t share my feelings with others, and I need this blog to be my message-in-a-bottle which I throw to the sea every time I want to say something..

My language is Arabic, so expect some Arabic posts, because with the Arabic language you can express every tiny bit you feel (almost). Rain, for example, has more than 10 names, depending on its strength, and sometimes it’s just synonym. Ofcourse the used words are few, but in old Arabic literature you’ll find a bunch of synonyms that I, sometimes, ask my dad about.

So, let’s proceed with posting, commenting, laughing, crying, and all this stuff,….. Life will never be constant in one condition, neither for a person, nor for a nation..

peace! = Salam!


4 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Hey there azure guy! You’ve started posting. 🙂 WordPress seems quite cool. Hope to start posting one of these days or I will never start, haha. All the best with your new blog!

  2. Hi there ! How are you? You don’t know me and I don’t really know you. I read one of your comments in another blog and by that I had yours’. Nice to find someone that writes in English although he talks Arabic ! And you are really good at it !

    I’m going to try to be in touch with this blog as much as I can. By the way, it will be better if your entries were written by you and have some of your thoughts.

    Best wishes !

  3. Thanks Feras! I hope you’re enjoying the freezing weather in Canada 🙂 … I decided to separate them, English blog and this Arabic blog. Still under processing!

    I’ll try to finish up the english blog asap

    Thanks 4 your wishes, likewise buddy

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